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BigCommerce For B2B Companies

Posted by Lori McDonald
How can we help companies realize the benefit of B2B eCommerce who have less than $75,000 to invest in their B2B eCommerce solution? “More than 25 percent of all new Enterprise customers in 2017 were either exclusively B2B or B2B+B2C brands,” shared John Yarbough, Director of Communications at BigCommerce. BigCommerce offers a number of valuable B2B features, and they are in the process of adding and improving features in this area. Read on for four such features that might make BigCommerce a good option for your B2B company. [Read More...]

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Post Launch Performance: What Happens After Your New eCommerce Site Goes Live?

Posted by Lori McDonald
At Brilliance, we get excited about generating value for our customers. Building a great eCommerce site is exciting, but the real value is demonstrated AFTER the site has been launched. At the completion of a project, we come back to the goals and forecast we laid out for the site. There are three stages of post-launch support needed to track our progress towards that goal, and ensure that the site produces the desired result. [Read More...]

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How We Guarantee an On-Time On-Budget eCommerce Project

Posted by Becky
I’ll admit that I love watching HGTV shows. Whether it’s Fixer Upper, Love It or List It or Property Brothers, I’m hooked. There’s something about the overall process of watching a house be completely transformed by skilled designers that makes me happy. But there is one thing in almost every episode that makes me cringe. It’s the scene were the designer has to have the “dreaded conversation” with the owner about a budget increase. No one likes it – not the designer and definitely not the home owner. I think I cringe because I know what it’s like to have that conversation with our clients. New requirements, delayed answers and data from a client, and unforeseen challenges can significantly impact a website redesign and can lead to the “dreaded conversation.” At Brilliance, we take this seriously. So seriously, that we will guarantee the cost of a project. Our goal is to avoid the cost overruns, while providing an elegant solution to each client’s needs. [Read More...]

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Predicting the Value of eCommerce for Your Business

Posted by Lori McDonald
When it comes to budgeting for eCommerce, many businesses don’t even know where to start. It may feel like a lot of guesswork and a big risk. You know there is value in it, but how much? And what is the right amount to invest? There is a way to take the guesswork out of it! We help companies develop a “Business Case” for eCommerce. It’s a process that analyzes your current business and predicts the value you could realize through eCommerce. [Read More...]

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Key Considerations For Importing Data To Your eCommerce Platform

Posted by David
Data is a huge part of good eCommerce. Detailed and accurate data gives you the ability to create a better, more streamlined user experience. It can allow you to personalize a customer’s information and recommendations, which can increase their sense of trust and even generate more revenue. However, when you make a change to your eCommerce platform, it can be complicated, and therefore expensive, to import all your data. [Read More...]

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