Brilliance Developer, Sam Kitzrow, Earns B2B Commerce Cloud Developer Certification

Milwaukee, WI – On May 20, 2021, Sam Kitzrow, a talented developer earned his B2B Commerce Cloud developer certification. Episerver certification exams are challenging and test a combination of skills-based on-platform experience, theoretical knowledge, design guidelines, and aspects of recent software releases.

To pass the certification exam for B2B Commerce Cloud developer, Sam demonstrated expert-level proficiency in key knowledge areas and best practices, including but not limited to, installation, configuration, and implementation of the platform’s built-in features. Additional testing included customization to meet a company’s unique needs.

Episerver partners are key to many customer implementations worldwide; certification demonstrates a significant commitment and investment by Brilliance to ensure our clients get the best return on investment for their digital initiatives. Episerver places great importance on certifications as it sets strict industry standards for quality assurance throughout Episerver’s expansive partner network.

Episerver is an enterprise platform that enables integrated content and eCommerce capabilities to meet the needs of B2B companies, a key for Brilliance customers. Brilliance Business Solutions has been an Episerver partner since July 2013 with a variety of epi projects under our belt.

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At Brilliance, our mission is: To inspire our clients and team to achieve big things through web technology. Based in Milwaukee, WI and in business since 1998, Brilliance Business Solutions has a long history in B2B, manufacturing, distribution, eCommerce, content, marketing and more. Brilliance enables clients to expand their sales while minimizing their costs, whether implementing web-based stores for replacement parts, portals for sales reps to check pricing and inventory, or eCommerce sites integrated with back-office systems.

Kim Ross

Project Coordinator


Kim Ross 

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