Brilliance Business Solutions Announces Strategic Acquisition of Norsland Lefse


Brilliance Business Solutions Announces Strategic Acquisition of Norsland Lefse to Expand Its Ecommerce Expertise 

Milwaukee, WI – [February 26, 2024] – Brilliance Web Design, Inc. dba Brilliance Business Solutions ("Brilliance"), leaders in digital commerce development, today proudly announces the acquisition of the respected niche food manufacturer, Norsland Lefse, LLC and Norsland Lefse Bakery and Cafe, LLC. With this strategic endeavor realized through its subsidiary, NL Acquisition Co, LLC, Brilliance underscores its unwavering commitment to innovative growth within the ecommerce industry. 

Norsland Lefse, residing at the heart of Rushford, Minnesota since 1983, is revered for its Lefse (made from real potatoes) and Uffda chips and serves as a distributor of other Scandinavian delicacies. The brand has remarkably generated 68% of its business through ecommerce ventures across Amazon and its own domain, 

Brilliance's decision to integrate Norsland Lefse into its portfolio is fostered by a recognition of the brand's exceptional product quality and a substantial prospect for ecommerce enhancement. With Brilliance's proven track record of empowering small and mid-market manufacturers and distributors towards digital commerce success, the acquisition of Norsland Lefse is poised to be transformative. 

"We are thrilled to welcome Norsland Lefse into the Brilliance family. This venture not only aligns with our growth strategy but also amplifies our capacity to extend the same level of exponential growth and digital fluency to this loved brand," expressed Lori McDonald, President and CEO of Brilliance Business Solutions. "Mark Johnson, Scott James, and the entire Norsland Lefse team have cultivated something extraordinary here. We are dedicated to nurturing this legacy and unlocking new horizons for ecommerce success that will benefit the Rushford community and bolster our insights for merchant experiences." 

In a synergistic move, Brilliance is providing a digital commerce platform redesign, moving from Wix to BigCommerce. Further investments encompass modernizations to accounting and human resource infrastructures, email marketing, analytics, and Amazon listing improvements; all planned to empower scalability while supporting the operational expertise of the Norsland Lefse team. 

Reaffirming its desire to make a positive impact on the communities it is a part of, Brilliance maintains a commitment to sustain the operation of the beloved local bakery and cafe, acknowledging it as fundamentally important in Rushford's community. 

This acquisition is enabled by collaborative financial solutions from Wisconsin Bank and Trust along with the City of Rushford, Minnesota. The economic endeavors reflect the communal ethos of the Rushford Economic Development Authority, deeply rooted in sustaining and generating employment, fortifying the tax base, enhancing housing conditions, and fostering local welfare. 

"Leveraging our expertise for the growth of Norsland Lefse not only caters to our mission of enhancing digital commerce experiences but also positions us to enhance our services for all the clients we serve," concluded McDonald. 

Brilliance steadfastly continues to evolve its digital commerce services and implementation of robust ERP systems, underscoring its dedication to empower businesses in long-term success in digital on a foundation of continued innovation. 

For more information about this acquisition, please contact: 

Brilliance Business Solutions Media Relations 

Jared Hackbart 
414-425-4069 x150 

About Brilliance Business Solutions 

Since 1998, Brilliance Business Solutions has been at the forefront of digital commerce, providing expert services in developing innovative, robust, and cutting-edge ecommerce solutions for engaged manufacturers and distributors. The company prides itself on demystifying digital technologies, proving indispensable for organizations striving to elevate their online market presence. 

About Norsland Lefse 

Norsland Lefse, established in 1983, is a cherished source of traditional Lefse and Scandinavian treats. Norsland Lefse values the authentic preparation of its goods, representing a taste of heritage and quality. 



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