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Specializing in antibodies and antibody based tools for basic research, assay development and more for over 50 years.
Replatforming 2 sites & adding product recommendations increased revenue and got their content “under control, updated and translated in multiple markets."
Managed rapid growth by implementing an enterprise solution that can scale for multiple global products and locations. An extensive project delivered on budget!
Upgrading their complex eCommerce platform allowed for “more orders and more commerce with a lot less effort.”
Saved the company on maintenance costs by combining content and eCommerce on a single platform. Customized functionality and tools raised revenue significantly.
Milwaukee, WI – [February 26, 2024] – Brilliance Web Design, Inc. dba Brilliance Business Solutions ("Brilliance"), leaders in digital commerce development, today proudly announces the acquisition of the respected niche food manufacturer, Norsland Lefse, LLC and Norsland Lefse Bakery and Cafe, LLC.
Just as an NFL team meticulously designs offensive playbooks to conquer the defense, IT leaders need a strategic approach to tackle prevalent issues in the B2B eCommerce landscape. BigCommerce's features offer such a playbook, providing innovative solutions tailored to address the unique challenges faced by IT leaders in the B2B domain.
I have been working with mid-market B2B companies to implement digital commerce for more than 20 years. When I started, it was hard to convince people digital commerce was important to their business. While I still get some resistance to B2B digital commerce, the more common mistake I see is a narrow vision which leads to poor results.
According to Gartner® Press Release, a new survey by Gartner, Inc. found that “fifty-six percent of organizations said they had a high degree of purchase regret over their largest tech-related purchase in the last two years.”i To avoid regret, IT should start by asking these questions of their boss to create a solid foundation for success.