Brilliance Proven ProcessAt Brilliance, we have developed and proven our process through years of experience working with clients on complex eCommerce projects. We are committed, not just to developing eCommerce solutions, but to getting results for our clients! That’s what the Brilliance Proven Process is all about.


Evaluate: What is the scale of your project and what sort of ROI can you expect? Don’t move forward without the answers to these questions!

Architect: Our scoping process results in a comprehensive and detailed plan that will guide your project through its conclusion.

Execute: Regular communication and reviews are part of our development process, allowing us to stay on the same page and deliver on-time and on-budget.

Support: The launch of your site is just the beginning. In the post-launch process, we stick around and ensure you meet your revenue and performance goals. 


Brilliance Proven ProcessThe Brilliance On-Time On-Budget Guarantee

Brilliance will guarantee the cost of a development project and commit to a delivery date.

Once a plan and scope has been agreed on, we guarantee the execution of your project. Delivering an on-time and on-budget project requires work and commitment from both sides. If you hold up your end of the bargain, we’ll hold up ours. Period.

Talk to your Brilliance representative about the details of our On-Time On-Budget Guarantee. Schedule a conversation today.