Our Process

We have developed and proven our process through years of working with clients on complex digital commerce projects. We are committed, not just to discovering solutions, but to delivering measurable results!

Understanding the Brilliance Proven Process

Our four step process is designed to leave no space stone unturned. An in-depth project exploration sets our project team and your website up for success. After project launch the Brilliance team is standing by to continue innovation.


Leave no space stone unturned, we want to hear all about it. Where you’ve been, where you are, where you want to go. Let’s uncover the challenges you are facing and how you handle them today.
We both agree that we could see this partnership working, let’s dive into your request. Leveraging a variety of tools, our team will collaborate with you to understand what you want to achieve in this project. Have an existing set of requirements to work with? Great. Need support in that process? We can support that as well.
After a few business days, we will be ready to demonstrate that we understand the challenges you are facing and will present our “transparent proposal”. Often this part of our process spurs conversation and leads to functionality that needs to be added or removed. Give us a day or two and we will provide a revised estimate to match what you were looking for.


Our team will build the blueprint for your future solution, working closely with your team. Depending on the complexity, scoping will be completed in 4 – 8 weeks.
Upon completion of the define & scope objective, our team will produce a document outlining your solution in its entirety. A review of the document will be scheduled to ensure all parties agree to what has been drawn up.


Our project management staff will schedule reoccurring meetings to align all parties involved; coordinating developers, architects, analysts, third-party vendors, and members of your staff. You will be provided access to our project management software that will support seamless communication and provide insight into the status of the project. Testing is done throughout the project, with additional processes in place to support a successful launch.
The day has come; your new solution is ready to be shared with the world. One last chance to review and gain your approval before going live. 3…2…1…Lift-Off!

Mission Ops

Mission Operations

Customer Success Team

Your new site is launched and it is time to innovate. Our customer success team can be structured to best fit your team. Meaning, need developers? No problem. Have internal developers but need an architect or business analyst? We can support that as well. Our customer success team functions off a bucket of hours monthly that can be customized to meet your needs.

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Our Success Stories


Managed rapid growth by implementing an enterprise solution that can scale for multiple global products and locations. An extensive project delivered on budget!


Upgrading their complex eCommerce platform allowed for “more orders and more commerce with a lot less effort.”

Graphic Controls

Replatforming 2 sites & adding product recommendations increased revenue and got their content “under control, updated and translated in multiple markets."