Case Study

Lansing, Michigan

Life Sciences

Apps Replaced:
E-commerce system tied to only one of their many ERP`s

Company Overview

Neogen Corporation (NASDAQ: NEOG) is an international food safety company that provides the most comprehensive range of solutions and services for the food processing, animal protein and agriculture industries, not only protecting the world’s food supply, but also allowing their customers to produce more efficiently and effectively than they could before Headquartered in Lansing, Michigan, Neogen has more than 1,200 employees and serves customers worldwide. 


It was clear to Neogen that this project couldn’t wait any longer.

If they did not invest in creating an ecommerce solution, they would have had to hire more salespeople. Regardless of who they would hire, the customer service provided by their legacy website would have been dated and force clients to look elsewhere.

Without question, this project was a full-time commitment. Having that understanding, Neogen created a governance group to support the execution.


Managing rapid growth and the various challenges due to products being sold differently, the team at Neogen unified with a singular focus - support self-serving sales channels leveraging ecommerce. On launch day, Neogen had an enterprise solution that would scale and extend their ecommerce needs for all of their global products and locations.

Neogen has two tiers for KPIs. The first includes metrics around customer experience and adoption. The second will involve financials which they expect an uptick from due to the self-service component. They will continue to test and measure throughout the first year and expect clear metrics as they head into year two.

At its core, the new site delivers the highest quality of customer service. Delivering a seamless experience for their customers while supporting an efficient and extendable toolset for their employees. A lot of work, from both sides, had to be done in order to get to this point. When we asked the Neogen team to reflect on positives about the implementation we heard, “The Brilliance people are high integrity. They delivered on their guarantee to deliver an extensive scope at the budget they promised” Outside of that, having a strong technical staff with a deep understanding of Optimizely.

Nothing beats the pride one feels when delivering a successful launch. Both Brilliance and Neogen shared that sentiment.


Customer experience is taken seriously at Neogen and as they reflected on their former site, they saw an opportunity for improvement. Their legacy system did not support an enterprise feature set and every 5 years for the past 20 years, Neogen has doubled. With growth, comes challenges. Not only were they growing organically but growing through acquisitions as well. Not having a true self-service channel had become a problem.

Additionally, their exiting order management would need to be deprecated as it would eventually become a security risk and not be functional.


Neogen and Brilliance Implemented an enterprise capable system that can quickly be updated and changed to support customers' demands. The new solution will help staff be more efficient, increase revenue and deliver exemplary customer experience.

With the launch of their new site on the Optimizely Digital Experience Platform, Neogen moved to unified branding and messaging that will be used across their divisions. This site focused on online ordering for their food safety division, and also supports multiple markets with support for 6 languages. The site will eventually support 8 languages and additional markets and divisions. To support food safety the initial launch integrated with Microsoft Dynamics SL, using a service bus architecture that supports additional ERPs for future phases since different markets and divisions have different business systems. The service bus is built with Neuron and Azure Service Buses. Other integrations using APIs and the service bus include: Enterworks as the Product Information Manager, Act-On for marketing automation, Microsoft Dynamics for the CRM, Avalara for tax calculations, and Braintree for payment processing.

The site was built leveraging Brilliance’s Catalyst for Optimizely to add pre-built B2B digital commerce capabilities efficient and cost-effectively.

This is just the beginning as Neogen works towards moving other divisions and markets onto the Optimizely Digital Experience Platform.