Trends in B2B eCommerce in 2017 Key Points from This Year’s Episerver Ascend Event

Posted by Lori McDonald

Over 600 marketers, developers, and business leaders gathered recently at Episerver Ascend 2017 to discuss the latest trends in the online experience. Attendees included Episerver customers like Walmart, American Nurses Association, Polaris Industries and Toppers Pizza. Keynote presenters included Scott Hanselman (awesome!), Mel Robbins and her “Five Second Rule,” and The Passing Zone (juggling, comedy, and fun!). It’s good to mix some fun in with all of the great learning, and the Episerver Rising party on Tuesday night fit that bill. I normally wouldn’t attempt to get into a nightclub like this but Making Waves sponsored this Episerver party where they rented out the Marquee nightclub at the Cosmopolitan. It was fun to see the Epi execs, partners, and customers all out on the dance floor, and join them for a little bit. [Read More...]

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Solving Problems: How Your eCommerce Project is Like a Cat Cake

Posted by Angela
As the Office Manager at Brilliance Business Solutions, I see our team work on different types of projects and know that while many are unique, there are generally only two types of customers. Some clients come to us with a problem while others come with a solution. [Read More...]

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What You Need To Know About AspDotNetStorefront Version 10

Posted by Mike
Vortx recently launched a new version of AspDotNetStorefront. On the surface, there may not appear to be a lot of changes, but AspDotNetStorefront version 10.0 is built on an entirely different platform than previous versions. This is a welcome change, and version 10 is a much better overall product than its predecessors. It offers increased performance for users, easier modifications and features for developers/designers and is PCI (PA-DSS) compliant. As a developer who works with this software, I’ll explain some of these changes from a technical standpoint as well as how they could impact your eCommerce site. [Read More...]

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Successful E-mail Marketing Strategies in the B2B Space

Posted by Lori McDonald
Smart B2B companies are focused on increasing customer lifetime value and e-mail marketing is a key strategy to doing this well. Companies doing it well typically generate 10-20% of their revenue from e-mail marketing. Unfortunately, many companies are not using e-mail effectively in their marketing, and it’s a huge missed opportunity. A well-designed e-mail marketing strategy enables you to increase the ROI from the leads generated by your other marketing efforts. Here are some e-mail marketing best practices to consider as part of your eCommerce strategy. [Read More...]

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Why Episerver May Be Your eCommerce Solution, And How To Launch It Quickly

Posted by Drew
As a developer at Brilliance who works closely with eCommerce solutions of all types, I frequently talk to customers who are limited in their choices because of their platform. In order to add new features or explore new channels or markets, these customers are forced to pursue costly workarounds or contract with outside vendors. [Read More...]

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