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Is Your eCommerce Site Ready for the Holidays?

Posted by Joe
Put up the decorations, clean the house, wrap the presents. . .these are just a few of the things circling my head when people ask that famous question “Are you ready for the holidays?” And while I usually agree with Andy Williams that this is indeed The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, it is also one of the busiest and most stressful times of the year. If you haven’t finished your shopping yet, you may be relieved to know that there are still 14 days left before Christmas. If you are responsible for an eCommerce site, I’m here to remind you that there are still 14 days left before Christmas, and that’s plenty of time to give your site a little a holiday cheer. Having just spent the past several weeks helping our clients gear up for their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, I’d like to offer a little perspective. I present to you the Brilliance Holiday Wish List: Our top five recommendations for preparing for that additional holiday traffic. [Read More...]

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How 4 Ecommerce Platforms Are Changing To Better Meet Your B2B Needs

Posted by Lori McDonald
At Brilliance, we want to give our clients options that best meet their needs. We are focused on helping our customers see a strong ROI and assisting them in growing their revenue online. As we have focused more on building business cases for B2B eCommerce, it is evident that different platforms are needed in different situations and we want to offer solutions that meet the different sizes and needs of our client companies. So we have expanded the number of software platforms we work with. We carefully selected platforms with strong tools and support for the B2B space, and we have invested in training and certifications within these communities. Each of these platforms are constantly improving and the changes they have been making show the types of businesses they aim to serve. [Read More...]

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Trends in B2B eCommerce in 2017 Key Points from This Year’s Episerver Ascend Event

Posted by Lori McDonald

Over 600 marketers, developers, and business leaders gathered recently at Episerver Ascend 2017 to discuss the latest trends in the online experience. Attendees included Episerver customers like Walmart, American Nurses Association, Polaris Industries and Toppers Pizza. Keynote presenters included Scott Hanselman (awesome!), Mel Robbins and her “Five Second Rule,” and The Passing Zone (juggling, comedy, and fun!). It’s good to mix some fun in with all of the great learning, and the Episerver Rising party on Tuesday night fit that bill. I normally wouldn’t attempt to get into a nightclub like this but Making Waves sponsored this Episerver party where they rented out the Marquee nightclub at the Cosmopolitan. It was fun to see the Epi execs, partners, and customers all out on the dance floor, and join them for a little bit. [Read More...]

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Why Episerver May Be Your eCommerce Solution, And How To Launch It Quickly

Posted by Drew
As a developer at Brilliance who works closely with eCommerce solutions of all types, I frequently talk to customers who are limited in their choices because of their platform. In order to add new features or explore new channels or markets, these customers are forced to pursue costly workarounds or contract with outside vendors. [Read More...]

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Saving Now but Paying Later in B2B eCommerce (Part 1)

Posted by Lori McDonald
Is it ever okay to cut corners to save money on your B2B eCommerce site? It’s a question each business must answer for itself with a full understanding of the issues. In B2B eCommerce, one of the areas where this often happens is in choosing an eCommerce software platform. [Read More...]

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