An important first step is creating clarity around the value of the solution we are building for your business. We do that by building a business case for the solution. We work with your team to validate the case, looking at things like Return On Investment, budget projections, and areas of greatest return. This gives us a common language about what success looks like for your company and helps to determine the priorities of the project.


Following your acceptance of the business case, we start our scoping process. During this step we:

  • Ask questions and dig into the details of your request
  • Explore issues we've seen trip other projects up
  • Recommend best practices based on our past experience

Based on your replies, we build a document that will serve as our guide for the project. Once this is done, the project falls under our on-time and on-budget guarantee.


Next, we are into our development process. To ensure we deliver on-time and on-budget, we have weekly project status meetings. We use a web-based project management tool where all of the stakeholders have access to see the tasks and communication related to the project. Your website is available for your review early in the development process and a continuous integration environment is used to allow you to see development progress in real-time. We ask for your feedback early and often as we want to eliminate any surprises. Depending on the project, we may do a practice launch (aka a “mock go live”) to ensure your actual launch goes off without a hitch.


After your site goes live, we begin our Forced Success phase. Why?  Because the launch of your site is just the beginning. On-going optimization will be needed to ensure you meet your revenue goals. Once the site goes live, we can gather data, review your site's performance against your original business case, see how you are tracking against your goals, and determine what is necessary to ensure that you reach them. This is all part of the post-launch process

During this phase, we provide support plans where we work with you to improve your site performance, security, and digital marketing

We have developed and proven this process through years of experience and working with clients through complex eCommerce projects. We are committed, not to just developing eCommerce solutions, but to getting results for our clients. That’s what the Brilliance Proven Process is all about.