Happy Birthday, Mike!

Developer Mike Clausing celebrates his 30th birthday despite an overnight and on-going snowstorm that had 1/3 of the team working from home.

Today, we celebrate the birthday of developer Mike Clausing! As the second youngest member of our team, he gets a bit of ribbing for his 30th birthday.

After someone leaves for the day is the prime time to decorate their space with streamers, balloons and other birthday cheer. Since Mike "wouldn't go home" last night and was first in the office this morning, Mike was pulled into a "meeting" with the boss while the other bosses decorated his space as quickly as they could. 

Mike returned to "geriatric ward" signs, balloons, streamers, an "old man" wig, and a chocolate cake. 

We are so grateful for the work Mike does for our customers. He gets all the credit he deserves for his quick thinking, professional manner with customers, and overall positive attitude. Happy Birthday, Mike!


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