Broccoli, Cantaloupes, and Peppers. Oh my!

The Brilliance team hung up their keyboards and wireless mice for the morning to channel their inner farmhands.

The dawn broke to reveal an impressive blanket of fog. So thick was this fog that biking through it to the Hunger Task Force Farm was like flying through the clouds. A bit surreal, but peaceful as well. So thick was this fog that I passed the farm entrance because I couldn't see the buildings. Unfortunately, mosquitoes aren't deterred by a bit of fog. They might be even more annoying because they are harder to see.

I was biking to the farm because it was our Quarter 3 service project. On our last visit, we were helping to remove invasive species in the Oak Savannah. This year we timed it so that we could help with the harvest.

Some of the team got to harvest cantaloupe and broccoli (and battle mosquitoes). Others got to wash peppers that were picked the day before.  And the last of the team got to rinse out the crates used to pack cleaned veggies. All were important steps in the process.

In total, our group harvested 442 pounds of cantaloupe and 912 pounds of broccoli from the fields. All of this produce was cleaned, packed, and sent off to local food pantries, meal sites, and senior centers.

Check out some of the pictures from our morning on the farm.  

Foggy Dawn

The Great Cantaloupe Hunt

Broccoli Chute

Broccoli Packing

The Harvesting Team: left to right - Jared, Karleen, Joe, Eric, Lori and Dave

Pepper Washing

Down at the Farm : left to right - Dave, Karleen, Joe, Marcus, Becky, Lori, Eric, Angela, and Jared.

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