Milwaukee, WI – On December 29, 2015, David McDonald received the Episerver 7 CMS-MVC certification. The Episerver certification exams are challenging and tests for experience on the Episerver platform as well as theoretical knowledge and design guidelines. The test also covered aspects of Episerver’s most recent software releases.

Prior to taking the test, David gained experience on the platform through work on the Kimball Midwest website as well as the development of Episerver Catalyst – an extension of Episerver Commerce that enables Brilliance Business Solutions customers to rapidly implement Episerver Commerce.

“We are excited and proud to have our second Episerver Certified developer and as our Director of Development, David’s certification will assist our client’s as he helps them architect solutions for long-term growth.  We have a great team at Brilliance, and we are always excited to get outside confirmation of that,” shared Lori McDonald, President and CEO at Brilliance Business Solutions.

Brilliance Business Solutions became an Episerver partner in July 2013, after a search for an enterprise platform that enables integrated content and eCommerce capabilities that would meet the needs of B2B companies. Brilliance chose Episerver for its strength in both content and commerce, a critical need for B2B companies.

Episerver was founded in 1994 in Stockholm, Sweden. The platform is popular in Europe and continues to grow in the United States.  As one of the few Episerver partners in the US with a focus on B2B eCommerce, Brilliance is committed to ongoing learning and development to utilize all the features that the Episerver platform provides to administrators and end users.

About Brilliance Business Solutions

At Brilliance, our mission is: To inspire our clients and team to achieve big things through web technology.

Based in Milwaukee, WI and in business since 1998, Brilliance Business Solutions has a long history in B2B, manufacturing, distribution, eCommerce, content, marketing and more. Brilliance enables clients to expand their sales while minimizing their costs, whether implementing web-based stores for replacement parts, portals for sales reps to check pricing and inventory, or eCommerce sites integrated with back-office systems.

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