Catalyst for Episerver Commerce

The Benefits:

Deploy Fast - and Right the 1st Time

Pain points in development? Smooth them all out. Customer registration, proper product pages, checkout pages, filterable attributes and more. Shave 2 to 3 months off an Episerver eCommerce deployment.

Optimized for Mobile

Mobile matters. When prospective customers check your site on mobile, Catalyst will make sure your site renders perfectly.

Want to Save $75,000?

Depending on who your developer is, you may save more than that. Brilliance developed Catalyst which offers pre-built functionality for Episerver Commerce where other developers normally start from scratch.

Technology and Development Partners 

Build your store on a solid foundation

Faster Load Times

Catalyst is built with an ASP.Net MVC architecture, giving your site smaller page sizes and better performance.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Catalyst incorporates eCommerce best practices, including mega-menus, a mini-cart, reductive navigation, and more.

Built for B2B

With support for multiple customers per account, registration and approval process and more, Catalyst ignites your B2B commerce project.

Enable SEO Success

With clean URL's and social built in, Catalyst supports SEO best practice.

Why Brilliance?

Catalyst is proprietary, exclusive deployment technology, only available through established and trusted Episerver partner Brilliance Business Solutions in Wisconsin.

Clients are Raving