A SaaS product information management company that helps companies build better experiences.

Inriver helps organizations sell more products online via better product information. Its product information management (PIM) solution enables better customer experiences for branded manufacturers, industrial manufacturers, and retailers to sell their products and solutions across any channel or marketplace quickly and easily. Inriver helps businesses increase revenues, customer satisfaction, and brand equity for over 1,500 brands and 600 customers globally. Headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, Inriver has offices in Chicago and Amsterdam.

Solution Partner

Solution Partners are Inriver-certified professionals with extensive knowledge of Inriver's PIM platform. Inriver Solution Partners focus on everything from optimizing digital commerce for new channels or markets to building an e-commerce platform for a new line of business. One solution won’t solve all your challenges, but working with Inriver partners ensures you won’t miss opportunities to drive revenue.

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