B2B eCommerce and AspDotNetStorefront

5 reasons it’s great for B2B

There’s a lot of talk about B2B eCommerce these days and, as usual, a lot of folks muddying the waters.

If you’d like a little more detail about what makes B2B eCommerce unique, check out this post. Otherwise, let’s just agree the requirements are different—and so should the tools be as well.

Since we’re pretty careful about such things, I thought I’d take one post to offer up the reasons we’ve been using AspDotNetStorefront all these years for B2B eCommerce. So, without further adieu, here are my top 5 AspDotNetStorefront features for B2B:

  1. Multi-store: From a marketing perspective, is there any greater way to serve multiple channels with multiple brands and still manage the data efficiently, from one database? I’ve not seen it. 
  2. Customer levels: the same rationale is #1. Since B2B eCommerce usually serves many different pricing levels, the capability to set these at a customer level is an easy way to manage it at the shopping cart level.
  3. Security: While no solution is perfect, being built on the Microsoft stack provides an extra level of comfort for many B2B suppliers.
  4. Customization: From adding business rules into the shopping cart to integrations with ERP systems to shipping customizations and a host of other potential B2B requirements, the ability to customize is critical to success.
  5. B2C-ish features: Why are product listing ads (PLAs) in marketplaces like Google Shopping considered consumer tactics? Do we think B2B buyers aren’t using Google for search? There’s a host of marketing, promotion and other re-marketing tools that are available with AspDotNetStorefront as well. While these may be classic B2C tactics, undoubtedly, the savviest B2B marketers will be leveraging these tools.

Certainly, many shopping carts have one or a few of these capabilities. But AspDotNetStorefront has them ALL—and at a fraction of the licensing arrangement required by other shopping carts.

It’s the reason we’ve recommended AspDotNetStorefront for B2B eCommerce for a number of years.

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