Over the years, we’ve honed our expertise in the following market spaces:


Opportunity abounds for today’s B2B eCommerce initiatives. But how will your company manage and engage multiple channels, customers and systems to deliver a truly remarkable experience? With over 15 years in B2B eCommerce, Brilliance understands the challenges that B2B organizations face and can create industry-leading solutions that maximize opportunity.


From the beginning, manufacturing has been our sweet spot at Brilliance. We’ve spent over 15 years helping manufacturers re-shape their business through eCommerce. Find out how Brilliance can help your manufacturing company increase revenue and efficiency.


Inherent in any distribution model is a need to provide efficiency in moving goods and services. Let us show you how you can use the Web to market and sell as efficiently as possible, designing custom solutions as specific as your business.

At Brilliance, our experience can help companies like yours engineer the right solution.