Brilliance is excited to announce the re-launch of on Episerver! Having developed Epi sites for our clients, we knew that the platform would provide powerful features and an intuitive UI that was easily manageable by non-technical team members.

Our office manager, Angela, is good barometer of user-friendliness as she is responsible for keeping news and resources up-to-date. As she puts it, “It takes me much less time to publish an article since the editing tools are straight-forward, the ability to drag-and-drop content and images, and one-button publishing.”

One of the new additions to the site is our revamped Resources page. We use Epi’s Visitor Groups to display the most relevant content to our core users, making it easier for them to find the articles that are specific to their areas of interest.

In addition to the new Resources page, we encourage you to check out our redesigned Work page and refreshed News page.

From the new development to the content migration, everyone on the team had a hand in getting this site re-launched and we’re proud to share it with you.