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Holiday Shopping 2018: Prepare Your eCommerce Site Now

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Ho, ho, ho – Merry Chris…wait, what? I’m late? Incorrect. As a matter of fact, you may not be late yet but you could be – quickly. You have exactly 316 days until Cyber Monday 2018 and if you want to be generating more revenue on Monday, November 26 – you need to get moving! I get it, we just finished the holiday season. But, in reality, this process is not one you want to squeeze into a tight window. Instead of waiting until the last minute, like me and my Christmas shopping, start preparing today. Whether you have an existing eCommerce solution or you are considering implementing one for the first time, the process is the same, and it takes time. Let’s take it one step at a time – step one, the list. [Read More...]

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Does Your Solution Achieve Your Goal?

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My oldest son never ceases to amaze me. It could be his ability to turn any household item into a train, his lengthy and stern conversations with Alexa (Amazon Echo), or his ability to destroy a room in 2.3 seconds. One of our favorite summer activities is being on the boat, lounging and swimming all day long. Once when the kid decided he wanted to get out, he casually swam to the front of the pontoon boat and attempted to pull himself up. After one unsuccessful minute had passed, I swam over, suggested he go to the back of the boat and use the ladder. “NO DADA, I GO UP.” Two more unsuccessful minutes passed and I attempted to explain how the answer to his problem was only a 30-second swim away. “DADA, GO AWAY. I GO UP!” This conversation repeated itself not one but two more times. Enough was enough; I swam over and advised him to grab my hand. As we approached the ladder hanging from the back of the boat, he let go of my hand, quickly boarded and jumped right back in (face palm). [Read More...]


What It Really Takes To Grow Your eCommerce Revenue

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The future of manufacturing and B2B products is going online, and I’ve seen the impact a well-designed eCommerce site can have on a business. It can bring in more customers, streamline the sales and fulfillment process, and increase revenue.  Once companies see the results, they often come back to invest even more in their online systems. They understand the benefits and can see the value for their business in the long run. Unfortunately, too many businesses stop short of the initial [Read More...]

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How Scoping Your eCommerce Project Can Save Time and Money

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Scoping out projects requires a lot of time, effort and knowledge that most companies don’t have. It means having a group of experts meticulously review the problem and create detailed documentation outlining the solution. A good scoping project will result in a plan that can be used to carry out the project according to a specific budget and timeline. [Read More...]

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