Urban Manufacturing Case Study


In the first year, the changes made to Urban Manufacturing’s website led to:

  • 11.5% growth in organic traffic
  • 21% increase in leads
  • 13% increase in time on site
  • 5.25% decrease in bounce rate



Urban Manufacturing is a contract manufacturer of metal components for a number of customers including GE Medical, Harley-Davidson and others. They primarily sell their products through distribution. Located in West Allis, Wisconsin, Urban Manufacturing has served customers wants and needs since 1978.

Urban had a dated website that lagged behind its competitors and didn’t effectively tell the story of Urban Manufacturing's quality of work.

The site was also hard to maintain as Urban lacked a platform that allowed them to easily and efficiently add information.


  • Brilliance created a mobile responsive site using DNN Software to enable the Urban Manufacturing team to easily update content.
  • Working with a local photographer, Brilliance assisted Urban in updating the look of their site in order to highlight the quality of their products and people.