Last month, we proudly hosted the first Milwaukee Episerver User Group Meetup of the year! Thank you to everyone in attendance, it made for insightful discussions and conversations.

 Here's a summary of the information discussed:

 Episerver Roadmap - What does 2020 look like for us? 

Presented by: Jeff Cheal, Sr. Director, Customer Strategy at Episerver, and Chris Sharp, Sr. Manager, Technical Strategy & Evangelism at Episerver

  • In an effort to better communicate with existing customers and prospects, Episerver is moving from being a “generalist” company to better defining who we are as a Customer-Centric Platform. This involves clearly defining who our key verticals are where we feel we bring the best value. We will be rolling out vertical-specific approaches to our sales positioning and product going forward. 

    • This will echo in our product roadmap as we start to focus on value-added features that will resonate with our dedicated customers in these verticals 

  • We reviewed product-by-product what our short-and-midterm roadmap looks like - with a focus on usability (UX and UI Refresh in the CMS), Personalization (Analytics and Machine Learning to drive customized experiences) and reliability (.Net Core implementation, Find Improvements). 

  • We finished the session with a review of our newest product - Content Recommendations by Idio. We showed how our new platform uses NLP technology to give context and relevance to recommendations to drive engagement, conversion and efficiency in your organization. 

Click here for slide deck.

Troubleshooting in Epi: 3 Perspectives

Presented by: Drew Douglas, Lead Developer at Brilliance, and Kayleigh Tick, UI/UX Designer at Brilliance

  • Frontend Perspective6 Tips for FE Developers Working in Epi (Kayleigh)
    • Fix bootstrap html structure for ContentArea properties. Use the additionalViewData object parameter of the PropertyFor HtmlExtension to add a row class to the wrapping div, and extend the class of the content area using sass extensions to make the class of the content block type extend bootstrap columns 
    • Easily connect styles for hardcoded forms to epi forms by using sass class extentions 
    • Properly scope your css 
    • Use a modular approach to creating staggered content areas with full-width backgrounds 
    • Flexbox tips for efficient layout adjustments 
  • Business/Marketing User Perspective
    • Bug Reports: Take screenshots or video that include the URL when reporting bugs
    • Make sure you have the newest CSS and JS
    • Content troubleshooting - versioning and history
    • Utilize, know, and love the navigation
  • Developer Perspective: The contract between end users and developers through bug reports and fixes, and the tools epi provides for troubleshooting (Drew)
    • How do bugs get into systems?
    • What does the developer owe you?
    • Personal tools of the trade - profilers, epi, epi DXC

Click here for slide deck. 

Customer Perspective: Partsmaster

Presented by: Robert Debault, Chief Software Architect at Partsmater

 One of Brilliance's clients presented on their experience using Episerver, including the benefits of selecting a single cloud platform to support the goals of both IT and Marketing.


Mark your calendars now! The next Milwaukee Episerver User Group Meetup is scheduled for Wednesday, April 22, 2020 (more details to come). If you've got a topic you want to present on, or your company is interested in sponsoring, reach out! We're excited to get other partners involved in this great event.