While no other company is exactly like yours, Brilliance has the experience and expertise to create custom solutions based on tried-and-true principles. We can help you:

  • Combine content and eCommerce to support your sales initiatives
  • Integrate your eCommerce and content management solutions with your manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to unlock the potential within your data
  • Develop supplier portals to streamline the purchase order process and increase manufacturing efficiency
  • Give your clients the freedom to place orders from mobile devices — maximizing your sales opportunity while minimizing internal management
  • Build custom applications like online calculators, design tools and product estimators to boost sales and provide additional value to your channel

Our manufacturing clients have seen tremendous short- and long-term returns from providing an efficient online ordering system for customers, distributors, representatives and others involved in the sales channel. We’ll help you build the perfect solution for the way you sell and increase opportunities for your manufacturing business.