We are passionate about delivering great results for our clients and helping Brilliance grow. We believe in constantly improving ourselves and challenging each other to go to the next level.


We believe that responsive communication is a key part of delivering successful solutions. We build processes that provide visibility into our work and invite frequent feedback. We build trust and communicate our professionalism by always responding to customers inquiries efficiently.


We value each other as whole people, including our spiritual lives, family lives, and work lives. We believe the most creative companies are those who allow people to be authentic to who they are. We treat everyone with respect. Regardless of our formal positions of leadership, we prioritize serving our clients, colleagues and community as work that gives our life meaning.

Seek Win, Win, Win

We take the time to understand everyone’s complex needs and develop solutions that will meet them all. We build solutions that seek our mutual benefit as well as shared success within multiple parties of our clients business (i.e. IT, marketing, sales).


We habitually learn, grow and master so that we can help our fellow team members and clients learn, grow and master too. When mistakes happen, we detect and improve our processes.