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Holiday Shopping 2018: Prepare Your eCommerce Site Now

Posted by Jared
Ho, ho, ho – Merry Chris…wait, what? I’m late? Incorrect. As a matter of fact, you may not be late yet but you could be – quickly. You have exactly 316 days until Cyber Monday 2018 and if you want to be generating more revenue on Monday, November 26 – you need to get moving! I get it, we just finished the holiday season. But, in reality, this process is not one you want to squeeze into a tight window. Instead of waiting until the last minute, like me and my Christmas shopping, start preparing today. Whether you have an existing eCommerce solution or you are considering implementing one for the first time, the process is the same, and it takes time. Let’s take it one step at a time – step one, the list. [Read More...]

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How 4 Ecommerce Platforms Are Changing To Better Meet Your B2B Needs

Posted by Lori McDonald
At Brilliance, we want to give our clients options that best meet their needs. We are focused on helping our customers see a strong ROI and assisting them in growing their revenue online. As we have focused more on building business cases for B2B eCommerce, it is evident that different platforms are needed in different situations and we want to offer solutions that meet the different sizes and needs of our client companies. So we have expanded the number of software platforms we work with. We carefully selected platforms with strong tools and support for the B2B space, and we have invested in training and certifications within these communities. Each of these platforms are constantly improving and the changes they have been making show the types of businesses they aim to serve. [Read More...]

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Best Platforms for B2B eCommerce: What is Missing in Forrester’s Recent Report

Posted by Lori McDonald
factory teamwork_resized.jpg 
Forrester recently evaluated 11 vendors in the B2B eCommerce space using 35 criteria. Magento Commerce ranked well in this report and is a platform with a large share of the market. Also noted as leaders in this report were Oracle NetSuite, SAP Hybris, and Insite Software. Other strong performers in the report were Episerver, Intershop, CloudCraze and Unilog. I believe, however, that some important aspects of choosing your platform were neglected by this report, and I want to make sure you have the whole picture. How will you decide which platform is best for your company? It is important to understand all your options, including some that aren’t on Forrester’s list. [Read More...]

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Saving Now but Paying Later in B2B eCommerce (Part 1)

Posted by Lori McDonald
Is it ever okay to cut corners to save money on your B2B eCommerce site? It’s a question each business must answer for itself with a full understanding of the issues. In B2B eCommerce, one of the areas where this often happens is in choosing an eCommerce software platform. [Read More...]

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Untangling Your Marketing Tasks from IT

Posted by Lori McDonald
In 2010, I met a large equipment manufacturer who needed to redesign their corporate website. Unfortunately, they had been talking about a redesign for over 2 years. The marketing department had requested design changes and new content to be added to the site. The IT department was in charge of the site, and they hadn’t been able to support the changes. Does this sound [Read More...]
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