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Women Leading the Way in Business, Including Ours

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When we think of powerful, influential, positive role model women in our lives, we often think of our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and/or teachers. They feed us, nurture us, teach us, and lead us, among many things. When a woman in a developing country is able to generate income or have more control of household spending, she is likely to support her family, through education and healthcare for her children, as well as her community, making an impact beyond just herself. When a woman runs a business, the same effect can be seen. Many of the characteristics of these positive role model women blend into the way women do business and lead organizations. While women-owned businesses and women-led organizations in the U.S. are still in the minority, the relational impact of their leadership is growing. It’s all about connections for many women business-owners. [Read More...]

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Solving Problems: How Your eCommerce Project is Like a Cat Cake

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As the Office Manager at Brilliance Business Solutions, I see our team work on different types of projects and know that while many are unique, there are generally only two types of customers. Some clients come to us with a problem while others come with a solution. [Read More...]

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