“The Great Milwaukee Victory Garden BLITZ is Victory Garden Initiative's flagship program, and we depend upon dedicated volunteer groups to make this huge event a success. Over the course of 15 days, this spring we were able to build 514 gardens at homes, schools, places of worship, and gathering spaces across the Milwaukee area. We also provided all of these gardeners with seeds and information for a successful growing season. Volunteers from Brilliance Business Solutions have been integral in helping us advance our mission and ensure that people throughout the Milwaukee area have access to healthy food. Brilliance Business Solutions volunteers have helped build gardens, deliver soil, and promote sustainable agriculture through the BLITZ for the last 3 years. Having a large group from Brilliance Business Solutions at one of the first days of the BLITZ in 2017 helped us get off to a great start. Our event would not be possible without the help of such dedicated volunteers.” - Eric Anderson, Community Events Coordinator, Victory Garden Initiative