"Once again" can sometimes be a starting phrase that is said begrudgingly or with exasperation. Sometimes it means you HAVE to do something over.

But not so in the case of our quarterly service projects. Saying "once again" is an honor. It means we have chosen to give our time to an organization or group of people again because we believe in the mission of that organization or we see the value of our time.

The Gathering is one such organization that we have chosen to return to "once again". It is the perfect opportunity for us to serve other Milwaukeeans in the dead of winter as it is an indoor (key word here) meal program.

The Community Meal Program at The Gathering happens at four locations around the city. A morning meal is served at the Downtown location on Monday through Friday just a few blocks from our office. Not every soul on our team is a "morning-person" but for the guests of The Gathering, we gladly make an exception. 

The tasks we are asked to do at the morning meal program are not difficult. (Volunteering rarely is.) But the tasks are important to the serving of that day's meal or preparing for future meals. 

If helping at a community meal might be something you're interested in, they can always use help. Check out their website for more information.