November is National Gratitude Month and at Brilliance, we have a great deal to be thankful for. In a repeat of last year, we took a few moments in our morning huddles to each share something for which we were grateful.

This year, we decided to jot these things down to collect the ultimate thankfulness list. It served the purpose of reminding us what someone else had shared that maybe we were also thankful for. It also gave us ideas of things other than coffee that are just as important and worthy of being mentioned.

This list runs the gamut, for sure. If we were allowed to repeat ourselves, surely we'd read this list on a daily basis. 

When presented with such rich data, what else could be done, but categorize it. Of course, we're grateful for work-related things, but our lives are only partly that. 

If you weren't allowed to repeat a daily gratitude list, what would be on your list?