Milwaukee Riverkeeper is a science-based advocacy organization in Milwaukee, Wisconsin working to protect, improve and advocate for water quality, riparian wildlife habitat, and sound land management in the Milwaukee, Menomonee, and Kinnickinnic River Watersheds. Volunteer programs are essential to restoring and connecting people to the waterways. Milwaukee Riverkeeper has several volunteer programs including the Spring River Cleanup, Water Quality Monitoring Program, and Adopt-A-River Program. Brilliance Business Solutions worked to clean up a section of the Hank Aaron State Trail behind the Mitchell Domes. 10 volunteers attended the event for four hours. The most common items found were food wrappers, plastic bags, glass bottles, and plastic bottles. Brilliance Business Solutions’ participation is vital not only to Milwaukee Riverkeeper but also to the residents in the Milwaukee River Basin as they filter garbage and debris from residents’ drinking water.” – Rose Alvarez, Cleanup & Event Coordinator, Milwaukee Riverkeeper