Selecting the perfect keynote speaker for your upcoming manufacturing and distribution event is an important decision. Our very own Lori McDonald can bring 20+ years of B2B digital commerce and software development expertise to the table.  

About Lori 

  • Founder, President and CEO of Brilliance Business Solutions. Brilliance is a web development firm that implements results-oriented digital commerce solutions for manufacturers and distributors. Brilliance has been in business since 1998 and has grown to a team of 20 in their Milwaukee office.  

  • A consultant focused on helping mid-market manufacturers and distributors leverage digital commerce to grow their business.  

  • Before Brilliance, Lori worked at NASA-Johnson Space Center as a flight controller for the Space Shuttle Program 

  • A 2017 Milwaukee Business Journal Woman of Influence 

  • A regular contributor to Practical Ecommerce, Digital Commerce 360, and other industry resources on the topic of B2B digital commerce. 




Here at Brilliance, we pride ourselves in our technologically sophisticated solutions, and attentive, one-on-one customer service. Our approach is process-driven, and we take our clients’ results very seriously - in part due to our NASA roots.  

The lessons that guide Brilliance’s success began on a launching pad when Lori served as part of the team that put NASA’s Space Shuttle missions into orbit. Here is an excerpt from the Milwaukee Business Journal’s Women of Influence feature 

“While performing the technical task of managing the Shuttle’s in-flight data recorders at Mission Control in Houston, Lori also gained invaluable personal insight from the dedicated NASA professionals working around her. It’s only natural that when McDonald transitioned from space science to web development and from Houston Texas to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a focus on creativity and reliability continued as a common thread. “Everybody loves an impressive, exciting web site,” she said, “but unless it achieves its practical business goals, it’s like a rocket that never gets off the ground.” With a background in computer and electrical engineering, Lori is passionate about helping companies achieve big things by realizing the untapped potential of the web.“