Milwaukee WI, May 6, 2015 - Brilliance Business Solutions was selected by Scale Up Milwaukee as one of 15 businesses to participate in its 2014-2015 Scalerator class, a Milwaukee-based program focused on creating growth through entrepreneurship. “With our ambitious goal to be at 101 employees in the next 10 years, we were excited to be selected and are already benefitting from the additional resources the Scalerator program brings us,” said Brilliance CEO Lori McDonald.

With Scale Up, academic institutions and companies connect faster, based on an “entrepreneurship ecosystem” model created by industry pioneer Daniel Eisenberg. Growth is the measurement Scale Up uses to ensure participants are moving forward and improving every day. Since being a part of the program, Brilliance has teamed up with students from Marquette University to run a data analysis on its ROI efforts. But McDonald also sees benefits extending to advancing recruiting and internal culture best-practices, too. She notes, “We’re highly customer driven, so as we grow, we want to make sure that focus is at the center of everything that we do.”

Brilliance recognizes the strong talent pool and high potential for project opportunities in Wisconsin, showing why Milwaukee was selected as Scale Up’s first pilot city and continues to grow and move forward successfully.

About Brilliance Business Solutions

Brilliance Business Solutions provides manufacturers and distributors with eCommerce solutions, web development and content marketing. Brilliance enables clients to expand their sales while minimizing costs, whether implementing web-based stores for replacement parts, portals for sales reps to check pricing and inventory, or eCommerce sites integrated with back-office systems. More information is available at

About Scale Up Milwaukee

Scale Up Milwaukee is an action project focused on developing the entrepreneurial capacity in Milwaukee by bringing together the policies, structures, programs and climate that foster entrepreneurship. The Babson Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project has partnered with Scale Up Milwaukee to create an environment that heeds success for participants. It is supported by the Greater Milwaukee Committee and many of its members, American Express OPEN, and Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC). More information is available at