We have officially settled in (for the most part!) to our office space addition and couldn’t be more excited! This move has been in the works for quite some time and it gives us the opportunity to accommodate our rapid growth and expansion.  

With the expansion of our office, we’ve added approximately 1000 sq ft of private and open office space next to where we’re currently safe-housed in the Railway Exchange BuildingThis office expansion was much more than just about office space. It was about making our team, clients, and visitors feel like they have a comfortable space to create and collaborate. 

We love having our clients visit to work with us onsite. So, we have included work tables for them to have a comfortable place to collaborate with our team. In Brilliance’s three-year picture, we are working towards providing employees ergonomically sound office furniture, so we are thrilled to have some standing-desks throughout the office. There is even a shower installed so that the team members who bike to work can take a quick shower before starting their workday in order to feel fresh and comfortable.  

And as we are continuously growing, adding new solutions and hiring, our new office space is going to resonate our growth. It is going to inspire and engage our people, as well as be a happy place to innovate, share and socialize. 

Here’s to a great future. We will hold an official Open House this fall with more information to come. 

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