Best Platforms for B2B eCommerce: What is Missing in Forrester’s Recent Report

Posted by Lori McDonald
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Forrester recently evaluated 11 vendors in the B2B eCommerce space using 35 criteria. Magento Commerce ranked well in this report and is a platform with a large share of the market. Also noted as leaders in this report were Oracle NetSuite, SAP Hybris, and Insite Software. Other strong performers in the report were Episerver, Intershop, CloudCraze and Unilog. I believe, however, that some important aspects of choosing your platform were neglected by this report, and I want to make sure you have the whole picture. How will you decide which platform is best for your company? It is important to understand all your options, including some that aren’t on Forrester’s list. [Read More...]

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Does Your Solution Achieve Your Goal?

Posted by Jared
My oldest son never ceases to amaze me. It could be his ability to turn any household item into a train, his lengthy and stern conversations with Alexa (Amazon Echo), or his ability to destroy a room in 2.3 seconds. One of our favorite summer activities is being on the boat, lounging and swimming all day long. Once when the kid decided he wanted to get out, he casually swam to the front of the pontoon boat and attempted to pull himself up. After one unsuccessful minute had passed, I swam over, suggested he go to the back of the boat and use the ladder. “NO DADA, I GO UP.” Two more unsuccessful minutes passed and I attempted to explain how the answer to his problem was only a 30-second swim away. “DADA, GO AWAY. I GO UP!” This conversation repeated itself not one but two more times. Enough was enough; I swam over and advised him to grab my hand. As we approached the ladder hanging from the back of the boat, he let go of my hand, quickly boarded and jumped right back in (face palm). [Read More...]


Women Leading the Way in Business, Including Ours

Posted by Angela
When we think of powerful, influential, positive role model women in our lives, we often think of our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and/or teachers. They feed us, nurture us, teach us, and lead us, among many things. When a woman in a developing country is able to generate income or have more control of household spending, she is likely to support her family, through education and healthcare for her children, as well as her community, making an impact beyond just herself. When a woman runs a business, the same effect can be seen. Many of the characteristics of these positive role model women blend into the way women do business and lead organizations. While women-owned businesses and women-led organizations in the U.S. are still in the minority, the relational impact of their leadership is growing. It’s all about connections for many women business-owners. [Read More...]

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Key Considerations For Importing Data To Your eCommerce Platform

Posted by David
Data is a huge part of good eCommerce. Detailed and accurate data gives you the ability to create a better, more streamlined user experience. It can allow you to personalize a customer’s information and recommendations, which can increase their sense of trust and even generate more revenue. However, when you make a change to your eCommerce platform, it can be complicated, and therefore expensive, to import all your data. [Read More...]

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B2B and B2C Ecommerce Site Review –

Posted by Lori McDonald
On a recent webinar, I shared feedback on 3 eCommerce websites, giving them suggestions for ways to drive more revenue through their site. At Brilliance, we focus on helping companies optimize and improve the effectiveness of their online web presence. By seeing what others are doing (or not doing) you can get ideas on how to drive more revenue through your eCommerce site. In this article, I am reviewing, one of the companies who volunteered to have their site reviewed. If you find this example helpful, check out the other site reviews on the webinar here. [Read More...]

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